Boy Meets Girl is a Human Touch series, featuring wonderful pair showing love and affection through their own requited love story. This collection comes as a pillow case, t-shirt, and  his and hers coffee mugs and glasses, which are fit for occasions such as Anniversary, Wedding and Valentine’s Day or any occasion for lovers. Show your care to your loved ones and make everyday, I Love You Day!  


Human Touch was established by a group of young designers in 1997. We manufacture our belief in design to reality. Among the earliest of our works were "Think Glass" set of five and series of classic romantic couple product “Boy meets Girl” which are now selling worldwide. 

In 1998, Human Touch was in exhibition for the first time in the Bangkok International House and Giftware Fair, an event which marked the milestone for Human Touch as a pioneering force in the Thailand home decorating industry. 

More than decade after our inception with over 500 SKU, Human Touch is internationally recognized as a brand of product designer, manufacturer and retailer of contemporary design with the same spirit of our first day. "Aesthetics, content and functional beauty" It is simple belief that all designers at Human Touch continually share and practice. Our goal is to create works that can be universally distinguished and individual fulfillment at the same time. Passionately, our products are the result of our creative hearts. Human Touch collections are each filled with a story that is both IMAGINATIVE and FUNCTIONAL. This results in not only original designs but items that come alive as they communicate through the language of design.